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A key driver to the success of any business is the availability and analysis of data. That data must be relevant, clean, up-to-date, and interpreted correctly to provide meaningful information to business decision-makers.

QUBE Automotive consultancy provides industry-leading data management services to vehicle manufacturers to properly segment and target their data to maximise the impact of marketing campaigns. Data intelligence is essential to generating new revenue, increasing parts’ sales and retaining customers.

QUBE enables targeted marketing strategies to be implemented easily, delivering a better return on investment and increased profit. Our analysts are all seasoned industry professionals, allowing us to effectively interrogate and interpret your data. We work with our clients to develop data management strategies which directly inform business planning. We also provide a range of automotive database services ensuring that your data is clean and accurate.

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Dealer Management Systems (DMS) Data Extract Integration

QUBE have developed DMS interfaces which automatically extract data on a daily basis.

We have developed Data Import Export systems for all of our automotive clients. These systems make use of timers to constantly poll SFTP.  We operate rigorous data processing and cleansing routines to ensure accurate meaningful data.

How it works

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National Marketing

We provide our clients with accurate targeted data which reduces costs and maximises their return on investment, including actual revenues achieved.

Our services encompass all areas from benchmarking, market analysis to network development, as well as predictive marketing.

How it works

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National Marketing Process

QUBE are able to offer access to external data lists obtained only from members of the Direct Marketing Association.

This ensures that all the data utilised adheres to the DMA code of conduct and every file comes with industry high postal, telephone and email accuracy guarantees.

An example of our data cleansing mythology is the use and provision of up to date data from the DVLA MOT database.

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Secure Data Hosting

Qube have extensive expertise in database design, handling and processing large data files from many sources and in diverse formats.

Our database hosting facility is based in a secure data centre which combines the latest technologies, highly trained staff and monitoring systems to ensure the security of our clients’ data. The centre is ISO 27001 certified which is the most widely accepted certification available for supporting information and physical security and business continuity.

  • All QUBE servers and workstations are protected with high level security to prevent unauthorised access and all databases are additionally protected using robust security features. Our business continuity strategy contains rigorous emergency management standards including data backup and retention. Two separate server locations are maintained allowing us to effectively plan for a failure in all parts of our systems and offer our clients a seamless service.
  • QUBE are registered with the UK Data Protection Registrar as a Data User and Bureau in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. We are fully committed to best practice in this area and view the current data protection legislation as an opportunity to help clients enhance their services to their customers.
  • If Data protection laws in the other countries outside the UK in which we operate, exceed the obligations of the UK Act then we will respond accordingly.

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